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Hi! I am Jean-Yves FOURNIER. I was born in 1962 in Ussel, a small town in central France. I have been working as a self-employed dentist since 1988. I practice general dentistry but, since the first years of my studies, I have developed a special interest in gum diseases and their treatments. Our gums are indeed like the nurturing foundations of our teeth. When they get diseased, the masticatory apparatus,

phonation function, facial aesthetics and even overall health are under threat.
In 1988, my doctoral thesis focused on the pathogenesis of adult periodontitis. In other words, I studied in detail what happens in our gums, from a biological and biochemical perspective, when they get diseased (absolutely fascinating! Living organisms are pure wonders).

                      Thesis about pathogenesis of periodontitis.

Since then, I have never ceased to study the various periodontal diseases.
After a few years of practicing dentistry, I started to put in place treatment strategies in which verbal communication with my patient holds an essential place. I chose this approach because it allows me to work hand in hand with each patient. After a few sessions, we gel as a team, which is both effective and enjoyable. Obviously we need to talk and listen to each other to achieve this goal. I provide my patient with the necessary technical information, I kind of train him/her to fight against gum disease while also supporting and encouraging him/her. Since communication is a two-way road, information must also flow from my patient back to me: I must be attentive to his/her requests, criticisms and suggestions, not only in order to satisfy his/her legitimate expectations but also to constantly improve my own treatment strategies.
Over time, I realized that the more information we share, the more effective my patients become in their daily fight against gum disease. So we spend a lot of time talking. I teach them the proper cleaning techniques, I explain the causes of the disease, I advise them on the use of any particular products, I set out the reasons for my treatment decisions, I describe the procedures I plan to perform, I provide them with regular reports on their gum condition, and so on and so forth. My patients, for their part, describe their sensations, they tell me about their challenges or successes, they suggest changes in procedures, they give me new ideas. Such ongoing exchanges are extremely fruitful. They help my patients improve their skills and motivation and they increase their confidence in their own ability to overcome the disease. This allows us to obtain excellent results.
The idea of writing a practical guide was first mooted to me by a patient of mine (maybe he felt I was over-talkative). This sounded good to me, so I started by making a small booklet containing primarily diagrams. I just used it to better support my argument to my patients. Since I enjoy writing and making illustrations, this booklet gradually further developed and turned into the practical guide I am offering today. It contains all the relevant information I have given to my patients to help them overcome gum disease.
In order to make this guide fully comprehensive, I have added everything you need to know to find a good dentist. Indeed, the quality of the work done in your mouth, including the most common like fillings and scaling, have a major influence on the condition of your gums. So, since you really want a healthy mouth, you need a conscientious dentist. Should it turn out that yours is not, don’t hesitate a second to take your custom elsewhere!

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