Welcome to the journey of uncovering the secrets of “gingivitis cure periodontitis cure” Gum disease is a common oral health problem that affects many individuals. This comprehensive guide will explore effective strategies, treatments, and practices for healing and managing gum disease, providing you with the tools to take charge of your oral health. We will delve into the causes, symptoms, and various methods for addressing this condition, ensuring that you are well-informed to promote gum health and overall well-being.

Please grab a cup of coffee and read on.

Woman wondering how to achieve good oral health.

Allow me to begin with two important remarks:

 — First of all, you certainly have often heard it said that gum diseases are incurable. Perhaps even your dentist told you that. Well, that is simply not true. It is actually a common misconception. You can rid yourself completely of your gum problems, as can anyone. Gum diseases are only incurable when the conditions required for healing are not fulfilled (this is true of all diseases). Below you will see what these conditions are and how to fulfill them.

— The second important point is that, contrary to what certain professionals want you to believe, there is absolutely no need to spend huge amounts of money in order to reattain healthy gums. The truth is that, most of the time, major expenditures are pointless. In fact, many people who are quite well-off financially yet have gum disease. It is not their money which can rid them of gingivitis cure periodontitis cure.

So, how to have healthy gums? Is there a simple solution out there to gum problems?

The answer is: YES, there is a solution for you BUT don’t expect any miracle cure. You can be sure that quick-fix procedures and snake-oil therapies won’t work.

The truth is, in order to get — and keep! — healthy gums, you have to fulfill two requirements:

Woman brushing her teeth the wrong way

  – Firstly, you must know exactly how to take care of your teeth and gums on a daily basis. Obviously, by “take care” I don’t mean haphazard brushing a couple times a day and rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash at night. This method only works for 10 to 15 % of people (in other words, those lucky ones who will never have gum problems, whatever they do). Since you form part of the other 85 to 90 %, you need a more comprehensive, consistent and effective action strategy.

Needless to say, once you know exactly what to do and how to do it, you will have to exercise a minimum of discipline and perseverance, but it is far from insurmountable. It requires no more determination than it does to follow the rules of the road. If you want to have a healthy mouth as much as you want to avoid collisions with other vehicles, you will achieve it without any problems. Moreover, you have excellent reasons for wanting to achieve either, haven’t you? Both for your comfort and your health.

Avoiding gum problems as well as car crashes requires some discipline.

  – Second — and final — requirement to be fulfilled: whatever your teeth and gum problems, from now on you should only entrust your mouth to a ‘perio-aware’ dentist. I will explain that to you below.

Why is gum disease so widespread?

As you may know, adult gingivitis cure periodontitis cure is even the most widespread of all infectious diseases. This does not mean that it is incurable but simply that, for a multitude of people worldwide, at least one of the two requirements I have just referred to is not being fulfilled.
Typically, in poor countries, most people suffering from gum diseases do not have access to either education or medical care or even both. Under these conditions, it is clear that their gums cannot heal.
In developed countries, the situation is quite different. Practically everyone is educated and goes to the dentist. The problem is that, unfortunately, the majority of dental professionals are obsessed with profits. This mindset prevents them from devoting sufficient time to each patient and carrying out good quality work.

Bad dentist working under time pressure

Haven’t you noticed how much of a hurry dentists are always in? They are continually racing against the clock. Believe it or not, some of them go so far as to time each and every procedure they perform. Little wonder then that dentists do not play the role that they should. They never take the time to show you how to really take care of your teeth and gums. They give you some advice but it is way too sketchy. Indeed, this advice caters to the 10 to 15 % of people who will never have gum disease. As far as you are concerned, you are faced with a real health issue but you are left to your own devices. So you get by as best you can. You improvise whereas what you need is support, guidance and encouragement with your struggle against the condition.

Business-oriented dentists cannot provide you with ‘perio-aware’ dental care either. To save time and make more money, they will inevitably take liberties with the rules of dentistry. They will only do shoddy, quick work on certain dental procedures, and will simply “forget” about some other ones. However, they will not fail to firmly recommend you undergo the most costly operations, even should you have no need of them.

So, what exactly is a ‘perio-aware’ dentist?

This is a dentist who has adopted a working philosophy that is both responsible and respectful in relation to your gums:
– a dentist who always makes sure that any everyday dental procedure (such as fillings, crowns, tartar removal, etc…) is never harmful to your gums,
– who never neglects the least profitable steps of periodontal treatment plans,
– who does not seek to sell you costly but pointless treatments.
And, more generally speaking, this is a dentist:
– who keeps his/her knowledge up to date,
– who would never take liberties with the rules of dentistry,
– who is not obsessed with his/her bank balance.
In short, this dentist will take care of you the same way as he/she would take care of his/her own children.

Good dentist willing to help

Believe me, this type of dentist is the only one who can help you get back on track to healthy gums. I will even add that he/she is the only one who can simply provide care for your teeth without harming your gums.

What is more, the overwhelming majority of

these good dentists charge reasonable prices because, first and foremost, they want to help their patients.

I have been in this profession for over 20 years now and have quite often had the opportunity to see how my colleagues work. I regretfully have come to the conclusion that only about a quarter of them are really perio-aware and trustworthy. The other three quarters are capable neither of successfully treating periodontal diseases nor of even simply caring for common dental problems without harming your gums and overall health.

Your health matters! Don’t remain at the mercy of bad professionals!

I know that a quarter of all dentists is not a lot, but that does nevertheless leave you the possibility of finding the right one. As a matter of fact, I strongly urge you to do so, because you are likely going to need the help of a good professional to overcome your gum problems.

Here is how you will get rid of gum disease for good:

As you will already have realized from reading the above, achieving and maintaining optimal oral health might not be as simple as it seems.

The practical guide 'How to Beat Gum Disease: your Companion to Oral Health'.

To assist you in this, I have compiled all the information you may need into a practical guide titled ‘How to Beat Gum Disease: Your Companion to Oral Health‘. It will show you exactly how to act simultaneously on both of the levels required for healthy gums:

   Firstly, you will find a comprehensive and precise oral care method for you to implement at home on a daily basis. This method is both effective and economical: it will give you the best results whilst at the same time enabling you to avoid needless expenditures.
Secondly, you will discover how to assess the trustworthiness and professionalism of your dentist, plus, how to choose a good one if you decide to change.
This will enable you to carry out the right actions and make the right choices for your teeth and gums, based on a full knowledge of the facts.

This practical guide can be understood by anyone; it does not contain any complicated concepts or technical jargon. All the explanations in it are given to you in simple and concrete terms. Furthermore, as one picture is worth a thousand words, this book features over 300 drawings and photos.

What exactly does your guide contain?
It is divided into 6 parts, with the main ones being parts 4 and 5.
1 – The anatomy: A quick description of the teeth and gums.
2 – The biology: This section casts light on the bacteria that live in our mouths.
3 – The various gum diseases.
4 – Everything you can do at home for your gums.
5 – What dental professionals should do for you.
6 – Some clinical cases.

So the first part focuses on the anatomy of our teeth and gums. Do not worry, it does not involve going into complicated details. The simple concepts you will discover in this part will help you understand why and how periodontal diseases develop.

Tooth anatomy: how teeth are made.

They will also enable you — and this is a key point — to improve your cleaning skills: as you know, when we brush our teeth, we cannot see what we are doing. We only rely on touch. A certain degree of knowledge of the shape of the teeth and dental arches will lead you to achieve greater awareness of what you are doing. You will therefore be able to remove dental plaque much more efficiently. The first part of your practical guide is presented towards that goal, with many supporting illustrations.

Bacteria living in the mouth

Then you will move on to a short chapter devoted to the bacteria in our mouths. Here too, there is no question of going into all the details: a comprehensive course on oral biology would be pointless within the context of this practical guide. The aim of this second part is to provide you with a simple explanation about how certain varieties of bacteria attack our gums while other ones protect them. These concepts will help you understand the actual goals of periodontal treatments.

Part three is longer. It will give you a simple description of the various gum diseases: their symptoms, their causes, their mechanisms, and their consequences. Of course, what is discussed primarily is gingivitis and adult

What is gum disease? Periodontal probing.

gingivitis cure periodontitis cure, because these are by far the most common conditions. But you will also find information about less common diseases, such as necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis cure periodontitis cure, juvenile periodontitis, and scurvy.

In this third part, you will discover what happens to our gums when they become unhealthy. This will enable you to better understand the principles of the treatments offered by professionals, and, above all, to boost your own ability to fight the disease.

You will then tackle the core section of your practical guide, consisting of parts 4 and 5: in them, you will discover how to concretely fight gum disease.
– First of all, part four will reveal to you in detail everything you can do for your gums at home, on a daily basis. You will learn precisely how to implement a full, consistent action strategy so as to deprive the disease of any chances of success.
This strategy involves two main sections:

  • The basic principles that you will follow, whether your gums are healthy How to properly brush your teethor unhealthy: for example, how to choose a toothbrush and how to use it properly, how to avoid the harmful effects of antiseptic mouthwashes, how your diet can contribute to the health of your gums, how to properly clean the various types of dental prostheses, how to get the most out of an oral irrigator, what to replace industrial toothpastes with, and lots of other things as well. These rules will constitute the basis of your strategy. They fulfill three key criteria: effectiveness, ease of implementation, and low cost. If your gums are healthy, simply apply these basic principles and you can rest assured that they will stay that way.
If they are unhealthy, you will have to follow the recommendations in the second section in addition.
  •  So, this second section is especially aimed at those suffering from gum disease. In it, you will discover a whole series of additional means of action intended to promote and accelerate the healing of your gums. I selected them from the numerous products and methods available out there because, during my twenty years of practice, I have noted that they too fulfill two key criteria: good effectiveness and low cost.

Whatever state your gums may be in, in part 4 of the practical guide ‘How to Beat Gum Disease‘, you will find the daily oral care method that will suit you:
– If your gums are healthy and you want to keep them that way, all you have to do is apply the basic principles.
– If you suffer from gum disease, you will add one or more supplementary means of action to the basic principles, in order to accelerate healing.

  – Now what would you say to put absolutely all the chances on your side? As I was telling you a little earlier on, a lot of dentists are rather greedy. They tend to forget their responsibilities regarding the health of their patients. What makes this even easier is that no authority or inspector regularly assesses either the quality of their work, or the justification for it. Dentists are supposed to carry out self-checks. Believe me, they are seldom harsh on themselves. Here is one striking example of this: in 2002, endodontics experts evaluated the quality of 1,244 root canal treatments carried out by self-employed dentists. This study showed that

  • Only 24.8 % of these treatments were good-quality ones.
  • In 81 % of the cases, the practitioners had not even taken the 3 X-rays required for this type of procedure.
Dental infection caused by poor root canal therapy.

This is barely believable but is nonetheless true! It must be understood that poor-quality root canal treatments nearly always lead to the appearance of focuses of infection in the jawbone, occasionally with serious consequences. All dentists know that. Three quarters of them just don’t care a whit.
This mindset is quite common among my colleagues. They focus on what primarily interests them: the best ways to pull money out of your pockets. Those dentists do not take care of their patients; they use their Doctor’s title to exploit them instead. Moreover, by doing so they endanger their patients’ teeth, gums and overall health.

Bad dentists exploit their patients

The fifth part of your practical guide will teach you how to avoid ever again becoming a victim of these unscrupulous professionals. You will discover the indicators that will enable you to accurately assess the conscientiousness of your dentist, getting beyond his/her big smile and shiny equipment. For example, you will learn how to easily detect the multiple possible forms of negligence, how any good dentist should be equipped, what a proper oral examination consists of, what any periodontal treatment plan should entail, or the specific purpose of each of the various types of gum surgery.

Various types of dental procedures.

You will also discover whether a laser can contribute to your periodontal treatment, the actual advantages and drawbacks of the various materials (i.e. amalgam, composite resin, ceramics, etc.) for your gums, what dental implants can really offer you, why a poorly-fitted removable partial denture can be harmful for your gums, what purposes temporary prostheses really serve, under what circumstances it would be best not to have veneers done, and many more other things about dental procedures.

This fifth part of your practical guide ‘How to Beat Gum Disease‘ is designed to be your dental work reference book, your secret weapon against greedy dentists. Beyond appearances, you will know for sure whether yours actually fulfils the quality criteria for modern patient-friendly dentistry. Should this not be the case, your practical guide will help you find the right dentist for you, the dentist you will fully trust.

Obviously, when you are looking for a new dentist, I guess you will have no desire to try a dozen of my colleagues before you find the right one. This is the reason why I have included a questionnaire about dentists, consisting of 64 questions, at the very end of your practical guide. Simply print as many copies of that questionnaire as you need, and ask your relatives or work colleagues to complete it. Their answers will tell you whether their dentists are trustworthy or not, and will therefore narrow your search quite a bit.

Lastly, the sixth part of your guide — entitled ‘Teeth and Gum Stories’ — will enable you to discover the clinical paths of a few patients I have had the honor of treating. They are representative of the diverse situations brought about by periodontal issues. You will see that these short accounts illustrate two key principles to be borne in mind:
Gum diseases should never be taken lightly, either by patients or dentists.
There is always a good solution for each case. It is never too late or too early to do the right thing.

The practical guide ‘How to Beat Gum Disease‘ is a comprehensive and effective method. It will teach you absolutely everything you need to know so you can rid yourself of gum problems. Just read it and you will be perfectly armed for taking the proper action:

  • Your effective daily care will enable your gums to reach their full healing potential. You will soon notice the first results.
  • You will be able to sort out the commercial bogus from the beneficial, so as to avoid consumer pitfalls.
  • You will have your teeth and gums treated by a conscientious, perio-aware professional. Your oral and overall health will be all the better for it.
    Eat everything you want.
    You will get back to having a fresh and healthy mouth.
    You will be able to enjoy the pleasure of eating anything you want.
    You will no longer have to live under the constant threat of pain surges and disastrous consequences of gum disease.
  • What is more, you will be able to protect your children’s teeth, gums and overall health by teaching them real good oral hygiene habits. This is for sure one of the best things you will do for them.

And just imagine the big savings you will be able to make in the long run.

Save a lot on dental costs

You will keep away from all the needless expenses.
I mean the ineffective mouthwashes, miracle potions, overpriced toothpastes, oddball methods, revolutionary devices or whatever you are constantly being enticed to purchase.
Furthermore, you will also avoid the medical costs entailed in periodontal disease: deep cleaning, gum surgery, tooth extractions, all sorts of prostheses, and so on and so forth. As you know, even reasonable dental fees can mount up to very large sums of money in the long term. It is in your best interests to keep a tight lid on them.

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To make your purchase even more beneficial, your guide also features a bonus part: 5 additional chapters packed with practical advice for your well-being:

  • What to do and not to do if you have dental problems during pregnancy. Beware of commonly-held misconceptions. There are many of them and they can be dangerous.
  • How to get rid of bad breath once and for all. And also, how to get rid of it temporarily — but very quickly — in case of an “emergency”.
  • What to do to stop recurring canker sores. There are effective solutions! As an initial step, from now on avoid anything containing sodium lauryl sulfate (also known as SLS, sodium dodecyl sulfate, SDS, NaDS and E487 as a food additive).
  • Woman has a bad tooth pain
    How to relieve nagging toothache or gum pain. They have a bad habit of occurring right in the middle of the night or the weekend. In this chapter, you will learn how to find the cause of the pain and then effectively relieve it using what’s to hand.
  • How to overcome your fear of the dentist. This final chapter will reveal the best solutions for you to overcome a simple uneasiness, a strong fear, or a real phobia. Just read it and you will be able to sit down in the dental chair with full peace of mind.

And that’s not all, I still have another bonus for you! With your practical

Ask questions about teeth, gums, hygiene and dentistry.

guide, you will get unlimited direct e-mail access to me. Use it any time to send me all your questions about teeth, gums, hygiene or dentistry. I will be happy to respond to you personally and to help you as best I can.

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PS: don’t forget, the solution to your gum problems is there, within easy reach. You simply need to read your guide ‘How to Beat Gum Disease‘.
You will learn how to take action at home in a consistent, effective way.
You will also discover how to know whether your dentist actually does good work for you. If you decide to change, the indications in your guide will enable you to choose a really good one with full knowledge of the facts.

A whole family smiling and enjoying their good oral health.

You will then have all the advantages at your fingertips for getting back to having — and keeping — that precious thing: the health of your teeth and gums.

PPS: don’t forget either that by ordering your practical guide ‘How to Beat Gum Disease‘, you will receive the following free bonuses:
A 5-chapter supplement packed with practical advice on:

1 What to do and not to do in the event of dental problems during     pregnancy.
2 How to get rid of bad breath.
3 How to stop mouth ulcers.
4 How to relieve nagging toothache or gum pain by yourself.
5 How to overcome the fear of the dentist.

   A dedicated e-mail address that you can use to ask me all the questions you want about teeth, gums, oral hygiene and dentistry.
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