Stimulate Gum Growth Naturally

Want to learn about Natural Remedies for Receding gums?

Reversing the symptoms of gum recession can be done with natural treatments. Natural treatments can stop gum recession from progressing without prescription. There are many natural remedies to treat receding gums or distended gum line. Let us talk about gum recession first.

Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs when the margin of the soft tissues around the teeth pulls right back, exposing the root. When gum recession occurs, pockets develop.

Gum disease symptoms & signs

Recession can be due to gum and periodontal diseases. There are many symptoms. These are the most common apparent symptoms of gum recession or periodontal disease receive below. If you experience any of the above symptoms, your dentist should be consulted. More info here

  • Bleeding Gums
  • Loss of natural cheek and jaw bones
  • Difficulty chewing foods because of a lack in natural support (soft gum tissue). Recessive gums can also cause serious health problems such as for example difficulty swallowing or breathing difficulties.
  • Tooth sensitivities, especially when they truly are subject to hot drinks or foods.
  • Larger levels of plaque that make it harder for natural remedies to work effectively
  • Feeling like something is stuck under your gum line.

Gum recession could be caused by aggressive tooth brushing

  • Loss in natural teeth when the bone doesn’t support them
  • Pain around your teeth, especially when eating.

Recessive teeth can also result from hormone changes

Poor oral hygiene can also result in receding gum.

There are a number of factors that can cause your gums to recede, including;

  • Smoking: Smoking is a common cause of receding gums. It can damage your gum line.

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to poor oral and gum health.

  • Tongue and/or lip piercings. Oral tissues like your gums can constantly be touched by tongue or lip piercings. This can cause cracks or chips in your teeth, as well damage to your tooth roots. It can also result in receding and crooked gums.
  • Hormonal change: Some drugs, such as birthcontrol, can affect hormones.
  • Aging. Bones shrink naturally with age and also slow down new cell development. Gum disease is more common in younger adults if there are other factors, such as diabetes or a suppressed immunity system.

The natural aging process causes the bones to shrink. This affects the tissue support for teeth. It’s important that you have a regular dental check up as soon as possible in the event that you notice these symptoms so your dentist can provide timely treatment interventions.

Receding gums could cause tooth sensitivity, gum inflammation and it can also lead to tooth decay. Recessive gum disease can lead to tooth decay and damage your beauty. Natural remedies, such as essential oils and plant extracts, can help fight gum disease.


Receding gums could be a sign that you have periodontal disease. To measure the depth of individual gums, a dental problem may also be considered. It’s important to take care of your oral health in order to avoid gum disease. To fix any oral health problems, consult your dentist or another qualified healthcare provider. Your dentist will always have the absolute most up-to-date information so it is vital that you consult them before you take any action. Do not diagnose yourself. You could make the condition worse or miss important symptoms. That is why it is so important to see a dentist. Your dentist may be the only one who are able to help with receding teeth.

How to treat and stop Receding gums?

There are many treatment options for receding gums

These natural remedies can reverse receding gums or swelling.

Cloves can reverse recede gum disease

Eugenol, a chemical found in cloves, is effective against plaque and bacteria buildup. Studies have shown this chemical to be beneficial. Clove is very of use in treating receding gums.

Reverse Receding Gums with Aloe vera

Aloe Vera gel is great for Oral Health. It really is antibacterial and can reduce the swelling of gums. Aloe Vera has been proven to be always a great healing agent after gum surgery. Aloe Vera gel applied directly under the gums can reduce inflammation and bacteria. This process should be repeated three times each day. Aloe Vera is effective in promoting oral health and can save from scaling and root planing and gum graft.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a way to reduce plaque buildup and bacteria that can result in receding and even complete loss of gums. This natural procedure is performed by swishing oil in the mouth and then spitting it out. The oil acts as an natural repellent for bacteria, including harmful plaque that could lead to gum disease. Take 2 tablespoons of oil in the mouth area and swish it for 20 minutes. After you have poured the oil in to your mouth, rinse it with warm salt-water. Finally, brush your teeth. Saltwater Rinse You can get rid of inflamed gums by using natural sea saltwater. To reduce gum inflammation and improve gum to tooth attachment, consume 300 mgs of omega-3 oils daily.

Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse your teeth with hydrogen peroxide. This will help you to treat receding or damaged gums. This is done twice or three times a week. Tea Tree Oil. According to the European Journal of Dentistry, this oil is effective against receding gingivals. It can be applied between the teeth and in the mouth.

Natural cure for receding gums

Clove is an oil made from natural ingredients that can be used against gum disease. Eugenol, a chemical in cloves, has shown to be antibacterial and effective against plaque and bacteria buildup. Cloves can be very beneficial in treating Oral Health Problems.

Reverse Receding gums with coconut oil and tea tree oil

Tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are helpful in reducing the pain of receding gums. Based on the European Journal of Dentistry the tea tree oil is effective against pathogens. Healthier gums and teeth can be promoted by flossing twice daily with tea tree oil and brushing your teeth twice daily. Coconut Oil can be an effective treatment for receding gums.

Green tea

Green tea extract can improve your health. Green tea extract can help prevent gum disease and promote healthy gums. It is also good for the teeth and gums. The Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry reveals green tea’s high level of catechins. These antioxidants can protect the body from free radicals. Two to three cups of green Tea per Day will reverse receding Gums and keep your teeth healthy. Every day, you should have one to two cups green tea extract. Green tea extract is a great beverage to promote healthier gums and teeth. It includes antioxidants that are capable of producing Septilin. Septilin is a multiherbal supplement that can be very beneficial in curing gum disease. This page

Tip: Make sure you drink sufficient water. Water helps decrease the plaque and bacteria that can contribute to receding gums. It also hydrates the tissues of your mouth to create it easier for natural tooth cleaning agents like saliva, brushing, chewing gum, and xylitol, to remove any harmful substances from your own teeth.

Reverse Receding gums with Baking Soda:

Baking soda is able to reduce plaque buildup.
Reverse Receding gms with lemon:

Citric acid is found within lemons. These can be used as natural treatments for receding gums.

Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse – To rinse your teeth, you can use Hydrogen Peroxide with a water solution.

Bentonite clas: Bentonite clas may be used to stop receding gums.

Bee Propolis – Bee propolis is an antibiotic that fights harmful bacteria in the mouth. It also reduces plaque buildup on teeth, thereby preventing gum infections.

Omega-3 fatty acid: Omega-3 Fatty acids are helpful in preventing chronic periodontitis.

Soft bristled toothbrush

Brushing and flossing

Brushing or flossing at least twice a day may be beneficial to get rid of plaque and food debris between your gums.

Your diet: Avoid eating too many natural sugars and acidic substances, such as soft drink.

Gum Massage

Dental professionals recommend massage to take care of receding gums. Massaging gums will improve blood circulation and stimulate healthy gum growth. To prevent plaque buildup and strengthen your gums, brush twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

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Q: May i use natural treatments?

A: Yes. You can use natural remedies that reverse receding gingivitis. Natures Smile can be a do-it-yourself solution that can be used to reverse receding gum recession.

Q: Can Nature’s Smile be medically reviewed

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